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7 Things All Adrenaline Junkies Should Do in Spain

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Spain is already known as a party destination, as a place with a lot of religious and cultural importance, and – of course – as a little piece of Heaven for all the curious foodies!

If you plan on visiting this country, you should take into consideration that the main climates that makes Spain so attractive for millions of tourists every year are the Oceanic and Mediterranean climates.

What does that mean? That winters are usually much softer than your regular continental ones, with a bit higher temperatures during spring and autumn, and with hot and dry summers.

That can only mean one thing: Sunnies, beach and pools, and a lot of tanning! Does it sound amazing? I hope so, because for me it doesn’t, hahaha!

We visited Spain in July and the weather was so hot, we had to explore Madrid on foot in a 42°C. heat But if you are a summer lover, then this shouldn’t scare you!

In fact, we even prepared a list of adrenaline-infused activities that will make you sweat even more! Or maybe they will just make for a very refreshing experience in the summer season!

1. Diving with Sharks

aquarium de barcelona spain shark cage diving travelhog

It’s up to you to decide if you want to lock yourself up in a cage and admire these beautiful creatures, or if you have the courage to swim right next to them in the water tank!

When I planned my first shark diving experience, I decided I was not brave enough to swim next to them, let alone the fact that I have never wore a diving suit before. But since I was the only one that got ready so early in the morning, my diving instructor said that if everything will be OK, we will swim outside of the cage a little bit!

And yes, he really kept his word! He took me around the water tank for a stroll, and every time a shark came towards us, he always got me in a position to be face-to-face with them. Now that was crazy and definitely the high temperatures of Barcelona didn’t bother me so much after this!

Where: Aquarium de Barcelona, Barcelona.


  • €150 – Shark Cage Diving 
  • €300 – Shark Diving 

When: All year round, but keep in mind you should book your preferred activity in advance!

2. Taking a Walk on Caminito del Rey

caminito del rey spain malaga hike adrenaline

You will have the occasion to visit the beautiful canyon named Gaitanes Gorge, and walk until you reach El Chorro Dam.

El Caminito del Rey (The King’s Little Pathway) is over 100 years old and it is considered to be Spain’s most dangerous walkway. Maybe this is why they even put an age restriction for the participants: Children under 8 years old are not allowed.

You will have to walk on a narrow path made of a mix of stone and iron, while keeping mind that, sometimes, the road is simply falling apart!

Where: 60km from Malaga, Spain. You can either drive there, or you can take the train and get off at the El Chorro stop (Alora) where the trail ends. From there, you can take a shuttle buss to the beginning of the trail,which doesn’t cost more than €2-3.

Price: €10/person


  • 1 April to 30 October: 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • 1 November to 31 March: 10:00am to 2:00pm

3. Take a Zip-Line across the Border

zip line spain sevilla huelva adrenaline travelhog

If you are over 14 years old, then good news for you! You can cross the border with a zip-line! I know it sounds cute, but it’s also true: This zip-line will take you over the Guadiana River directly to Alcoutim, a little town in Portugal!

And the best thing is that this activity is so exciting you will also feel like you are time-travelling! No, really, you will: Portugal and Spain have two different time zones.

And even more (as if the first things weren’t awesome enough already), you have unlimited time to visit Alcoutim, the little town from Portugal. After you’re done, a little ferry will take you back to Spain! And the good news don’t even end here: The cost of the ferry is already included in the price!

Where: Sanlúcar de Guadiana (Huelva). To get to Huelva from Seville, is takes no more than 2 hours since there are 94 km between the two cities!

Price: €18/person

When: depending on the daylight hours, the timetable changes from month to month, but you can check the booking system on their website to see the timetable.

4. Bungee Jumping in Seville

bungee jumping travelhog adrenaline

Time to be brave and show off what you are really made of!

One more reason to put Seville on your bucket list: Bungee jumping from a bridge that’s 25-meters high. Don’t worry, they have two bungee stations right next to each other, so you and your best friend can jump together at the same time!

Where: Aznalcóllar. The bus to Sevilla from Aznalcóllar takes 55 minutes and the ticket is €3/one way.

Price: €25/person (and if you like to record this epic moment, you pay an extra €10)

When: every Sunday of the year.

5. Cave Exploring in Nerja, Malaga

Cave exploring spain nerja travelhog

Exploring the not-so-well-known tunnels of the Cave system in Nerja hasn’t been easier!

One of the most popular attractions in Spain, the Nerja Caves have been inhabited first by humans, and later by hyenas, and now you can visit one of their most hidden galleries!

Where: Nerja, Malaga. Taking the bus takes around 1 hour, and the price for a one-way ticket starts from €6.

Price: €10/person, for discount prices check their official website.


  • Winter hours: 09:00am – 3:00pm
  • Summer hours: 09:00am – 5:30pm

6. Rafting on Junta de los Rios

If the other suggestions didn’t grab your attention, maybe this will since it’s the fastest way to cool down on those hot Spanish summer days!

And if rafting sounds a little too extreme for you, you can always just enjoy the clear waters of the Andalucian rivers instead!

Where: Otivar, Granada

Price: €5, children under 10 can go for free.

When: 10:00am to 7:00pm on Tuesday to Sunday; Mondays – closed.

7. Running with the Bulls

travelhog pamplona san fermin spain

Fiesta like there is no mañana at the one and only San Fermin!

If all the delicious tapas and those siestas make you think you are starting to get “too comfortable,” you should try to burn some calories – the hard way! Not only a simple run, but a serious one – the kind of run where you know that if you stop, 6 bulls weighting no less than 150 kilos each will trample on you.

If you need this kind of motivation to get back in shape, or to have a really awesome life story to show off to your friends and relatives, the only thing you need to know is that San Fermin takes places in July.

“But, Travelhog, haven’t you mentioned that you also visited Spain in July?”

Hihihi, this is why! My surprise has been revealed! Now, don’t worry, I will tell you everything in another post, dedicated especially to San Fermin!

When: 6-14 July.

Where: Pamplona, Navarre.

spain travelhog adventure travel

If nothing suggested here appeals to you, or even if you are a budget traveler, don’t forget one thing: Visiting Spain in the summer months is itself an adventure.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget your sunscreen, your sunglasses, your bottle of water, and your adventurous spirit!

If you have any suggestions, don’t be shy and leave a comment with all the good (and especially the bad things) you plan to do when visiting Spain! 

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