8 Must-Try Traditional Drinks in Slovakia

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Besides language, traditions, food, architecture and the historical touch, a country can also be explored by drinking its most known alcoholic drinks. I don’t think we need an ample introduction or too many reasons to explore this culinary part of Slovakia, so let’s find out the secret traditional drinks that Slovakia hides!

Let’s take it easy at first:

1. Kofola

You can drink this non-alcoholic beverage from the draught too!  Everybody thinks that it tastes like Coca-Cola. Well, it doesn’t!Instead, just imagine it’s their own version of a herbal cola-flavoured soft drink. Sounds weird? Give it a try and we’ll talk after that. You will not die, pinky promise!

P.S.: My favourite is the cherry-flavoured Kofola!  ​

​2. Vinea

vinea national Slovakia drink

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This refreshing non-alcoholic drink is made from raw grapes.
​You will feel like you’re drinking wine, but without the “getting tipsy” part. ​

​3. Tatranský čaj (commonly known as Tatratea)

Nowadays, you can find Tatratea at every liquor shop. So don’t worry –
you can still explore the taste of Slovakia back home too!However, if you have the chance to visit Slovakia or – even better – the Tatras Mountains, you will get the flaming version of the regular Tatratea, with a subtle gingerbread aroma combined with mulled wine.This particular home-made Tatratea will leave you speechless. Well, not so speechless. You’ll still need to order another round, right? ​

​4. Demänovka

The liquor of the Slovak Gods! Well not really, but it’s so delicious you have to be careful you don’t go overboard!

We were told that this alcohol is made from herbs found in the Tatra Mountains mixed in a secret combination.

One shot at a time and we will be able to find the secret ingredients, right?
So far I got honey! What have you discovered?

​5. Bentianna

In one glass you get a nice combination of Tokaj wine, honey and a mix of herbs from – you, guessed again – the Tatras Mountains! The legend says you must enjoy this only on rainy days sitting next to the fireplace. Otherwise, you will have 3 years of bad luck. Joking, joking
I just invented that rumour on the spot.Or did I?

​6. Local Beer and Wine

beer slovakia traditional

The most popular Slovak wines are the Tokaj wines, of course, but there are also some less known wines from the:

  • Nitra region
  • Central Slovak region
  • East Slovak region

As for the local beers, you can satisfy your curiosity with:

  • Zlatý Bažant
  • Corgoň
  • Šariš
  • Smädný Mních

​7. Karpatské Brandy

Do you want to know how aristocrats felt back in the old days?
​Feeling a little bit sick?
Have a glass of this brandy!This brandy was drunk only by people of noble birth.
​Otherwise, it was used with medical purposes. ​

​8. Slivovica

My not-so-favourite traditional drink: Slivovica!
​The sister of Bulgarian Rakja or Hungarian Pálinka.But hey, I’m an explorer of this world so I had to drink it all!
Thirsty enough?
Slovakia is waiting for you!

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