Travel Planning Tips

Buying a one-way ticket to a life-changing destination and jumping in the airplane sounds really fun, and it’s definitely something you should do at least once in your life! But, sometimes, you should stop to consider that – maybe – mapping out our your holiday and researching all the things you can do in a foreign country first is much wiser than just getting on the first train you see. Usually, the best summer holiday offers can be found in the winter, when you have plenty of time to search beforehand for accommodations, transport, and even restaurants!

If you decide you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s in Ireland, you should make your booking up to 6 months (or even more) in advance. Otherwise, you risk being left only with sub-par overpriced options and services – whether we’re talking about hostels, mid-range hotels, and even high-end accommodations.

Would you like to eat in the oldest restaurant in the world? Well, you can, but to make sure there is a table available for you, you need to make a reservation – a few months in advance preferably.

Would you like to enjoy a day trip early in the morning and explore a nearby city? Are the trains running on that day? Are there any buses you can choose earlier than 12:00 PM? Are there any seats left for you in that particular train people use to go to work on a daily basis? Better check that out first!

I know, I know – it can be quite hard to pay attention to all that stuff sometimes. Your main focus is just enjoying your vacation, right? That’s true, but these are the kinds of details that make the vacation enjoyable in the first place. Plus, after a while, you get used to it all – trust me on that.

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